My name is Jody Baxter. I am the founder of The World Prayers Project.

When I first launched World Prayers in January 2000, I was driven by a vision to create a free educational and inspirational prayer archive for the global family, and that out of respect for the beauty and sacredness of prayer and all the people engaging the archive, World Prayers would remain advertisement-free.

This has not been an easy choice given the rising operating costs of the project. However, our board remains fully committed to that position.

As a nonprofit we have opted to build an organization that is entirely staffed by volunteers and financially supported by the public.

This means we can get a LOT done on very little income.

If every visitor to our website today donated $1, we would meet our annual budget within 24 hours. But the truth is, only a handful of donors are able to contribute each year. The majority of our visitors simply do not have the means to give.

So instead of asking those who cannot afford to contribute, I am asking those of you who are in a position to help — please send a donation today — so that World Prayers can continue to serve the world.

And if you really want to help, please consider setting up a recurring monthly, quarterly or yearly contribution. It's easy to do on our donation form and your help will go far and touch millions of hearts and minds.

Given the stark political and social divisions throughout the world today, it is more important than ever to support organizations that promote compassion, respect and unity.

Thank you for your support!

Gratefully — Jody

We offer two options for online giving.

All USA donations are tax deductible.


All donor personal information is completely confidential and will never be shared with anyone. Our organization does not maintain or have access to donor credit card numbers. In appreciation of our supporters we are proud to honor their names on our Donors page. However, any donor who wishes to remain anonymous may do so.

Nonprofit Status

The World Prayers Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity registered in the State of California, USA under the name PROJECT WORLD PRAYERS. All USA donations are tax deductible.

Donate by Mail

If you wish to donate by check, please send it to:

The World Prayers Project
849 Almar Ave., Suite C, PMB 422
Santa Cruz, CA, USA   95060

How Your Donations Are Used

As a volunteer-driven nonprofit, we do not have any paid staff. Everyone involved with the project works for free in their spare time. Therefore, no donations are used for wages or salaries.

However, the project does incur annual operating expenses for which public support is essential, including:

  • Server fees
  • Domain registrations
  • Internet access
  • Phone charges
  • Mailbox rent
  • Banking, tax reports & accounting
  • Secure online donations provider (Qgiv)
  • Non-profit corporate filings
  • Legal costs
  • Hardware & software
  • Outside professionals (occasionally required)
  • New editor’s database (a onetime future expense of $20,000)