You see me, you know me,
you feel me between your finger and thumb.

Nothing I do is hidden from you,
everything is open and it is apparent.

At the end of my life
I will come before you in a fair trial
where you will weigh my good and my bad deeds in a scales
and if the weight is more to the side of the good I go to Heaven
more to the side of the bad I go to Hell.
(and if it's even stevens, I'm not sure — get the manual)

It is the definition of your Grace,
that if the scales are tipped against me, so that I am going to Hell,
you may push off all my bad deeds and say 'come into Heaven anyway.'

I cannot remember something that has yet to happen,
but let me remember this is to happen,
and think, while I am alive, before the 'pens down' of death,

if there is anything I would have preferred to do.

a prayer to god - ben womack