A mother may forget her child,
When stirred by passions fierce and wild,
But God will not forget his own;
Faith rests on this foundation stone.

No greater love a friend can give,
Than die to let his comrade live.
But God his love doth thus commend,
He died for foe as well as friend.

Oh matchless love, oh love divine,
Come dwell in this glad heart of mine.
Thyself reveal, thyself bestow,
In flood-tide waves my soul o'er flow.

Could I thy deepest depths explore,
I know that I should love thee more.
If I thy highest heights could climb,
I'd love Thee with a love sublime.

Could I but know the breadth and length,
And Thou thyself would give me strength,
I'd cease to sing "more love to thee,"
For I should Love as thou lovest me.

divine love - charles wesley turner