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You may search the prayer collection in any of the following ways:

  • Search by tradition.(Islam, Christian, Navajo, Gaian, etc.)
  • Search by author name.(Muhammad, Buddha, Rumi, Jesus, etc.)
  • Search by source.(Bible, Qur'an, Tao Te Ching, etc.)
  • Search by type.(blessing, praise, teaching, etc.)
  • Search by keyword.(love, death, mother, child, etc.)
  • Search by phrase.(use double quotes, "...")

Advanced Search Instructions

  1. Enter a single word, and the search will return all prayers that contain that word or name.
  2. Enter two or more words, and you will receive a list of prayers that contain ALL the words in your expression without regard to order.
  3. Enter two or more words enclosed in double quotes ("), and you will receive a list of prayers that contain the words in the exact order specified in the search phrase.
  4. Select Exact Match to search terms as exact whole words. For instance, searching on 'love' returns 'loves' and 'loved' while an Exact Match only returns the word 'love'.

Note.   This search engine DOES NOT permit Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT, and parentheses) in the search string.