Glory to God in this marvellous form - half man, half lion!
Glory to that Great Lion!
Glory to the Divine Lion of great strength!
Glory to that Terrible Lion, the Great God!

Glory to that Wrathful One with terrible eyes,
Who, by His own desire, is born from a pillar,
although He is unborn and the Source of everything!
Let us praise the All-Wonderful Consort of the Goddess of Fortune,
Who takes pleasure in yoga and removes
the suffering of His devotees,
whose hearts He has stolen
the first time they heard about His great deeds!

I adore my Five-faced Lord, Who always
sees and protects all directions.
I bow before the Supreme Absolute;
before Him who is utterly terrible and supremely merciful.
I bow before Him of flaming face,
Who is surrounded by a garland of flames.
How can I describe that Great Flame, the Great Lord?

Forever I want to sing the glories of Him,
Who possesses innumerable wonderful qualities.
His eyes are everywhere,
reflected in the eyes of a child, or an old man,
a rainbow, or a flower.
And yet, He is so difficult to behold!
But still, I long to see Him, the Destroyer of Enemies.

Arise, oh Lord, let Thy enemies be scattered,
and let those that hate You flee from You!
Then, as You please, return, oh Lord,
to rest among Your children!

Please, bless us,
who will gather around You, feeling so safe,
like baby birds that huddle under the wings of their mother;
wings that feel so incomparable soft from underneath,
although that mother-bird looks fierce from the outside,
with sharp beak and watchful eyes,
ready to protect it's little ones.

Kindly rest among us, oh Darling of Lakshmidevi!
For we long for You, just like a thirsty field,
above which heavy black clouds are hanging,
but still no rain is falling.
Such is the longing of Your children,
whose hearts remember You,
Whose beauty excels the clouds',
but whose eyes cannot see You,
oh Destroyer of enemies, oh Great Lord!

You are the Creator,
and You are the One
Who dissolves all creation.
You are the Non-doer;
ever changeless; resting in Yourself.
And You are the Doer behind everything,
without Whose will neither a leaf falls,
nor a cat licks it's paws,
nor a woman blinks her eyes.

You are the Infallible,
the Almighty,
the Soul of the Universe.
You are beyond all material qualities;
You are the Inconceivable!

All the Vedas worship You,
You are the Form of all mantras,
and the Soul of all yantras.
Your thousand arms are everywhere.
You are the Giver of boons, full of joy,
the Maintainer of the universe!

Decorated with sandalwood paste and Tulasi leaves,
Your lotus feet are so lovely to behold.
Your broad chest,
which is the eternal resting place of Lakshmi Ma,
is adorned with the Srivatsa mark, the Kaustubha jewel,
and with shiny golden necklaces.
You raise one of Your soft lotus hands to bless Your devotees,
while Your other hand gently holds Your devotee Prahlad.
The nails of those hands are the most powerful weapons,
and their touch is the source of all auspiciousness.
Your teeth are like thunderbolts,
and Your beautiful mane has become even more beautiful
by getting sprinkled with the blood of your enemies.

Wearing a beautiful garland of forest flowers,
You shine like the light of the sun.
You are the Supreme Soul, the Supreme Light.
You are the Supreme Truth, and the Supreme Refuge.
Your Form is eternal, full of knowledge and full of bliss.

Let me rest in Your divine hand!
For You love those that take refuge in You
more than a cow loves her new-born calf,
whose body is gently caressed by her tongue.

You are the life-giving Soul of everything,
the protector of Prahlad,
and me.

inspired by - 108 names of nrisimhadeva - devaki katja nagel