I begin this thing called Prayer.

Immediately there is nothing.
And everything.

Glory fills the crevices between each muscle, each bone, each vein.
Bubbles of life continue to spring, seemingly from nowhere.

And what am I to say?
What is prayer?

Every cell in my body becomes alive.
My breath quietens and thickens.
Pressure rests on my forehead
And still, my mind is quiet.

There seems nothing to say
Apart from praise.
Words, much used,
Spring to mind. Glory.
Blessed. Life. Love.

Praise of Life
Gives way to gratitude.

Noticing the life swimming in my veins,
Swimming in the veins of the world,
I want to thank Life itself, for Life.

And then, quickly, on gratitude's heels,
Comes the wish that all may feel, may perceive
May experience this blessed love for Life,
For Creation, for the unnamed and unnameable.
And my first Prayer fades into the moment
With a sweetness of remembered perfume.

my first prayer - tiffany jones - 30 april 2010