It can be heard in the doleful cry
Of a lonely whippoorwill . . .
In zephyr winds that softly touch
The nodding daffodil.

It can be seen in myriad reflections
On a moonlit lake . . .
In candles gleaming happily
Upon a birthday cake.

It can be felt in soothing warmth
Of summer's shining sun . . .
In rhythmic throbbing when two hearts
Beat metrically as one.

It can be smelled in sun-parched planting's
Gratitude for shower . . .
In the scent when soft wind kisses
Spring's first fragrant flower.

It can be savored only in
Undying thirst for Thee . . .
In lonely man imploring God
In meek humility.

It can be sensed while treading in
The paths where saints have trod . . .
In living, talking, loving, walking
Hand-in-hand with God.

the six senses of prayer - anne shannon demarest - 1965