O God, my God!
These are Thy feeble servants;
they are Thy loyal bondsmen and Thy handmaidens,
who have bowed themselves down before
Thine exalted Utterance
and humbled themselves at Thy Threshold of light,
and borne witness to Thy oneness
through which the Sun hath been made to shine in midday splendor.
They have listened to the summons Thou didst raise
from out Thy hidden Realm, and with hearts
quivering with love and rapture,
they have responded to Thy call.

O Lord, shower upon them
all the outpourings of Thy mercy,
rain down upon them all the waters of Thy grace.
Make them to grow as beauteous plants in the garden of heaven,
and from the full and brimming clouds of Thy bestowals
and out of the deep pools of Thine abounding grace
make Thou this garden to flower,
and keep it ever green and lustrous,
ever fresh and shimmering and fair.

Thou art, verily, the Mighty,
the Exalted,
the Powerful,
He Who alone,
in the heavens and on the earth, abideth unchanged.
There is none other God save Thee,
the Lord of manifest tokens and signs.
Thou art!

baha'i prayers - `abdu'l-bahá