O Guru Rinpoche, Precious One,
You are the embodiment of
The compassion and blessings of all the buddhas,
The only protector of beings.
My body, my possessions, my heart and soul
Without hesitation, I surrender to you!
From now until I attain enlightenment,
In happiness or sorrow,
in circumstances good or bad,
in situations high or low:
I rely on you completely, O Padmasambhava, you who know me:
think of me, inspire me, guide me,
make me one with you!

guru yoga practice - blessing of padmasambhava - jikmé lingpa
Excerpt from The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying. Original reference from the Guru Yoga in Jikmé Lingpa's preliminary practice to his cycle of Dzogchen teachings: Longchen Nyingtik.