Viajar hacia Ti Señor, eso es vivir.
Partir es un poco morir.
Llegar nunca es llegar definitivo hasta descansar en Ti.
Tú, Señor, conociste la migrancia,
y la hiciste presente a todo hombre que comprende qué es vivir,
y quiere llegar seguro al puerto de la vida.
Tú sacaste de su tierra a Abraham, padre de todos los creyentes.
Tú recordaste cuáles eran los caminos para llegar a Ti, por los profetas y los apóstoles.
Tú mismo te hiciste Migrante del cielo a la tierra.

The journey towards you Lord, is life.
To set off, is to die a little.
To arrive is never to arrive, until one is at rest with you.
You, Lord, experienced migration.
You brought it upon all men who know what it is to live;
who seek safe passage to the gates of heaven.
You drove Abraham from his land, father of all believers.
You shall remember the paths leading to you, the prophets and the apostles.
You yourself became a migrant from heaven to earth.

oración del migrante - the migrant’s prayer
According to the documentary film, "Who is Dayani Cristal?" this short prayer was found in the pocket of a Central American migrant who died in the desert while attempting to cross into the United States. The prayer's text was generously provided by the film's director, Marc Silver.