Walking in the Summer rain,
Noisy wee-folk in their play,
In hush that stills a boisterous day,
In waterbeads on windowpane.

In bell-clear tones when robin sings,
Dew-kissed web a spider weaves,
Rich and gold of Autumn leaves,
And fairy-flakes that Winter brings.

A gentle pat upon my cheek,
In glancing moonbeams on a lake,
In happy laughter children make
While wading in a rushing creek.

In wind that plays in willow trees,
And angel voices in a choir,
The crackle of an open fire,
And tulips nodding in the breeze.

In silky strands of milkweed pod,
In sparkling grains of sea-washed sand,
The courteous clasp of Friendship's hand,
And in a dialogue with God.

delight i find in many things - anne shannon demarest - 1965