You spoke to me today, my Beloved.

You blessed me by revealing an aspect of Your countenance.

From the bush by the side of the trail, You call out to me,
stopping my movement, stilling my legs, transfixing my gaze in awe.

I see jeweled beads of rain from the night's storm, lying sprinkled on leaves

Like translucent crystal gems arranged in unique patterns
on hundreds of oval green velvet carpets.

You draw my eye to embrace each one, from the very smallest -
smaller than a grain of salt - to the largest - fully ripe like round pearls.

Each one perfect and perfectly placed.

Some defy gravity as they cling to the edge of a leaf.

Others line up like the gemstones of a necklace strung along the leaf's center line.

And then you begin to speak so that I would understand.

And you lead me to know that each droplet, regardless of size or position,
is like a human soul, irreplaceably precious in Your eyes.

Though seemingly distinct, each is lovingly fashioned
from the same essence, the water of Life.

You whisper that though apparently separate, each is connected with all others
through the unified web of leaves, stems and branches that form a whole plant.

Each is nourished by the same roots and earth, air, water, and sun
all of which You sustain and nurture in Your resplendent heart.

Oh My Beloved, Oh ever Faithful One, thank you for Your blessing that
opens my eyes to see and understand the workings of Your love.

ronald bedrick - april 2004