Blessings, O sweet blessings,
to you who listened to me
whenever I was troubled, raging mad or sad,
whenever I needed to release
the feelings that had bound me
to dusty corners, narrow spaces, cloudy skies.
Gratitude, my sweet ones,
gratitude and blessings
to you for the time you took
to see my tenderness and sorrows
with eyes of love —
and with the certainty that God
would wipe away my tears
were I to allow myself to cry in deepest prayer.
Blessings, O sweet blessings
be upon you, my dear friends,
for trusting in the bonds that tie
moon and sun together, the bonds
uniting us, one soul to another,
during the final hours of the day
when we give the book of life
to God for his safekeeping,
when we ask God and stars to watch over us
through the dark and holy night of our tikkun.

elliott robertson - 2013