Dear God,

i don't know why i am here,
i don't know why all of this has happened to me.

in truth, i don't know anything at all,
and i don't know the why of anything at all.

but there is nothing i need or desire or want...
as each new moment brings enough of whatever is necessary.

my prayer to you, is a simple prayer of heartfelt thanks:

i thank you, God...

...for allowing me to be whatever i am
...for the world and for all of the experiences of being here
...for the blessings of everything that appears in my life
...for all the beauty, the majesty, the mystery, the wonder you have created
...for the peace, the wisdom, the power, the glory that i have found in you
...for all the lights of the world you have given: my family, friends, acquaintances, relationships
...for using me as your instrument in whatever manner you choose
...for showing me the silence, the stillness, and the way to live without fear
...for the guidance of your will for my life

and most of all, God,

i thank you for Love.

your empty vessel,
your humble servant forever,

i am.

i'm free - tom hixson - 21 september 2006