I believe that the Source of Creation is
an Incomprehensible Mystery radiating through the cosmos
as Supreme Intelligence, Absolute Love, Ineffable Beauty.

I believe that human beings are carriers of cosmic
consciousness and agents of its evolution.

I believe that the Source from which we come is alive in us
as our breath, and as we speak and sing and breathe,
we release the beauty of the Creator into the world.

I believe that the universe is unfolding through me,
and that it is through my being that it is becoming self-aware.

I believe that Nature—our Mother—has the answer to all our questions.

I believe that it is through our consciousness
that creation and all its multiplicity is knowing itself,
evolving itself, and converging into its original Oneness.

I believe that the greatest challenge for humans is to free ourselves
from religious trappings and cultural constraints that perpetuate
our powerlessness and dependence on external forces.

I believe that the bliss we are seeking erupts spontaneously
when we are faithful to our soul’s mission.

I believe that healing the wounds of the earth and its people
is a holy act that, in itself, heals us.

I believe that our worldviews create the world we experience,
and as we alter them, we alter our lives and the world entire.

an apostle’s creed - jan phillips
© Jan Phillips 2014