In the hands of a young England
To go with you, to make you a lover.
Side to side with his being,
Remain, keep watch with me,
What it takes to come alive and see him.

The lover of his inner eyes.
England is dripping with apple orchards,
O Release my soul apart,
To find your everlasting light,
Two simply, heaven is earth, you and me.

Art, I turn my heart within me
Naked I came and now I walk the streets
Pale, white diamond, the sun burns,
Well all right, this I say
For what accordingly the just shall stand.

Tell me, is the love inside me?
You know the way to lakes of holiness,
Of rivers of Britain,
A rose of her garden,
Sanctified to confess or try again,
Show that he can have you
A lover you shall surely be,
Unfolding as a flower that he will bless.

Liberty, freedom extol,
Outside, walk with me on the Island fields
Declare the eternal Yes,
One plus one makes happiness,
A kiss of peace seventy times seven.
Or kiss as the French do,
Passionate and true,
I have been searching in the world for you.

alexander raheem - 2013