Lord of Heaven and Earth, we adore you,
worship you and glorify you for who you are.

Indeed, you are God in the Blessed Trinity,
father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

As we thank you for the gift of a new country,
we also thank you for the gift of life, freedom, justice and love.

We also thank you for the souls that bravely listened to your voice
and implored you for help until they generously gave up their lives
for the sake of their brothers and sisters.

Lord, because of the blood they shed, we beseech thee to bless this new country
and to reward abundantly those who shed their blood in sacrifice
so that others may live in peace and harmony.

Inspire the citizens of this new country with your Holy Spirit
to savor the sweetness of your love so that
they may love each as you love them.

Bless this new country with leaders who listen
to the dictates of your Holy Spirit.

Bless them with wisdom and love for their people, your people.


a blessing upon the birth south sudan - edward ladu terso - 22 february 2011