The great sea
Moves me!
The great sea
Sets me adrift!
It moves me
Like algae on stones
In running brook water.
The vault of heaven
Moves me!
The mighty weather
Storms through my soul.
It tears me with it,
And I tremble with joy.

the great sea - song of uvavnuk
"One winter evening, Uvavnuk had gone outside her igloo, when suddenly a ball of fire showed in the sky. She wanted to flee, but before she could move the meteorite hit her, and everything inside her became flaming light. Half unconscious, she ran into her igloo, and immediately started to sing this song. It was said that whenever she sang it again, everybody who heard it became senseless with joy and their minds were cleansed."

Adapted excerpt from, Book of the Eskimos, by Peter Freuchen (1961). Uvavnuk's song is also known as, "Earth and the Great Weather."