The ocean of peace lies ahead of me.
Sail the boat, O pilot
You are my constant companion now.
Take me in your lap.
Along our journey to the infinite.
The pole star alone will shine.
Giver of Freedom
Set me free.
May your forgiveness and compassion
Be my eternal resources for the journey —
May the mortal ties fall away,
May the vast universe
Hold me in embrace,
And with an undaunted heart
May I come to know the Great Unknown.

last writings - rabindranath tagore - december 1939
During the final weeks before his death, Tagore dictated three poems called "shesh lekha," or last writings. This is one of them. Though it was originally composed in Dec. 1939 as part of the play, ”The Post Office”, it was (according to Tagore's wishes) sung for the first time at his funeral on August 17, 1941. Excerpt from Rabindranath Tagore: The Myriad-Minded Man by Krishna Dutta & Andrew Robinson (1995).