When the great wind toppled and blew her about,
She cried out in despair,
"Where are you God?"

And the wind became a soft breeze and the soft breeze tickled her hair
and whispered in her ear -

"I AM"

I am not the word,
but I am what the word points to.
I am the echo heard in the stillness.

I am a gale force and the gentlest of breezes.
I am the window half open and the door half closed.
I am the light in the window that flickers on and off.
I am the first green of spring and the last leaf of fall.
I am the spider's web and the dew that reveals it.
I am the slant of light that glisten on the dew that dances
on the web of the spider - who is a messenger of my order.
I am the intricate workings of your hands as you go about your day.
I am the closing and opening of the lens of your eyes as you behold the world before you.
I am the bud of the first tomato plant and the emergence of the small green fruit
I am the light that turns the green to red and the water that allows it to grow.
I am the markings on a moth, the design of a beetle and the stripes on the zebra
I am the face of the lioness and the face of the one she kills to feed her cubs.
I am the sound of the cricket as it welcomes the fall,
the grasshopper's jump, the horses gait.
I am the movement of a cat's ears.
I am in a mother's milk and I rest in your father's dying eyes.
I am in the wisest of words and the deepest of griefs.
I nestle comfortably in your peaceful moments, dance with you in your joy,
and I walk with you through your fear and regret.
I have been silenced in the heart of a killer and distanced in those
who blame and judge, but I am still present.
I am the one who lives on the street and forages for food and I am
the one who lives on the fortieth floor and dines by candlelight.
I am with the judge and the judged and the one
who mops the floor when the courtroom is empty.
I am quiet in those who are sure of their rightness
and active in those who have been humbled.
I am in you, beyond you and in all that is around you.
I was then and I will be tomorrow and I am with your today.
There is no place you can go where I am not.
I am all that there ever was and ever will be.

I am not the word,
I am what the word points to ...


i am - lindy tucker - 2009