Dear God our Creator, your gifts protect us.
You gave us a developed mind, complete
with a tool box for coping with modern life:

Consideration of others helps us go further than alone.
Sensitivity helps us hear other voices, especially yours.
Courage helps us persevere against doubt.
Memory saves us from re-learning yesterday.
Gratitude saves us from imprisonment by negative thoughts.
Thinking solves problems, repairs damage, and dodges trouble.
And your great gift of Original Thinking is armor against
false prophets who might manipulate us for their own gain.

Please make us ever aware of these and all your gifts.
Without daily use of your gifts, the rank of a rational
being is a curse, rather than a blessing.

Our embrace of your gifts of Virtue is defense against Vice.
Clear vision helps us dodge arrows of hate.
A warm smile takes the chill off another’s frown.
And receiving an act of kindness makes us feel good, so we pass it along.

Dear Lord, help us to open your gifts, sooner than later.
Your gifts free both victims and perpetrators from
the downward spiral of negative emotions.

Simple gifts fix complex problems, which make us all feel good.
Pass it along. It’s contagious. Amen!

gifts - c.p. junker - 2019