God, help me remember that the higher human within me is in constant development.
Help me achieve the state of calm and serenity required for an orderly development of my higher being.

Let me enter lovingly into the merits, those things worthy of praise, of each person I meet.

Let what calls me to action be motives of admiration, delighted approval,
and reverential regard everywhere in my environment.

Give me the confidence to remember that such devotion gives me power to attain higher knowledge.

When I discover in my consciousness adverse, disparaging, and critical judgment
of people, the world, and of life, help me find the strength
to cultivate thoughts of devotion -- centering my personal attention,
activities, and prayers toward truth, knowledge, and love.

God, help me to remember that my labor and suffering are given and endured
for the sake of a great, spiritual, cosmic whole -- that the most insignificant action that I have to accomplish,
the most insignificant experience which offers itself to me
stands in connection with holy beings and holy events.

God, help me identify my being distinctly in the cultural,
political, economic, and group realms, establishing balance in these domains:

In culture, may I promote

In politics, may I promote

In economics, may I promote
Service to Others

In family and community, may I promote
Inclusivity and Love

an everyday prayer - kaitlyn teague lundrigan - 2/15/2004