In this year of 2020 vision,
give us the clear sight needed
to see through lies and illusions.
Help us to heal our planet,
our people, our families and our nations.
Allow us to see how all is connected
and everything sacred.
No nation greater, no species of less value,
no race above another.

Give us the wisdom to understand
that anger at injustice
is as much a sacred flame
as love and forgiveness.
Teach us to wield the sword of truth
gently and with honour,
and help us to once again believe
in each other: our beauty, our frailty,
our courage and our compassion.

Grant us the blessing of compassion
for those who would destroy us
through their ignorance or fear.
And when the night seems dark
and endless, remind us
of that small, enduring light named kindness.
Let us carry it forward with us, each of us,
all of us, in every heart.
Dona nobis pacem... grant us peace.

dona nobis pacem - michelle frost - 2020