Thank goodness you know me,
because I don't always know myself!
I suppose there is a purpose to the menopause,
forgive me when I fail to see it!

Please help me to understand why bits of my anatomy
are travelling south at alarming speed.
Why does a nice juicy apple not have the same
'must eat' quality of a yummy chocolate cream gateau?

You don't get to my age without knowing a thing or two,
please help me to disseminate my wisdom
without saying the fatal words
'I told you so!'

I admit to an interest in others affairs;
keep me from passing on
the tempting gossip and smugness that comes
from not giving into similar temptation.

Support me while I listen to another's woes.
Help me to resist the urge
to regale the hapless person with my
much more important tales of adversity.

When complaining that the young
do not have the same qualities I possessed in my youth,
help me to realize that rose tinted spectacles
aid my recollection!

I notice a certain asperity has crept into my speech
when discussing the problems of society,
please make my response
more thoughtful and less prejudiced.

While I will never be a candidate for beatification,
please enable me to attain a level of amiability
so I do not repulse my family and friends.

I am mathematically challenged
so please assist me to count my blessings and realize
that I am the most fortunate of women.


21st century middle aged woman's prayer - rose-mary gower