May we practice kindness day and night,
forever, not only towards friends, but also to
strangers, and especially to the enemy;
not only towards human beings,
but also to animals and other beings
who want happiness and don't want to suffer.

May we constantly enjoy our lives by rejoicing.

May we constantly enjoy happiness
by rejoicing in all the positive things that bring
benefit to others and to ourselves.
And may we especially rejoice when we see
all the good things that happen to others.

May we develop patience to achieve all happiness,
temporal and ultímate, and to bring that
happiness to others; not only to our family,
but to all sentient beings.

May we develop all the 16 human qualities,
an understanding which makes our lives different.

May we become skilled in not harming sentient beings,
and may we become only the source of happiness
for sentient beings, like sunshine.

May we practice contentment.

May we learn contentment and satisfaction.
May we learn to enjoy contentment,
which brings great freedom into our lives
and brings us so much happiness.
May we be an example to the world.

May we practice these good qualities
and when somebody abuses or harms us,
may we immediately forgive them.
In daily life, when we make mistakes and harm others,
may we immediately ask forgiveness.

May we be able to develop courage,
to be an inspiring example
and to be of benefit in so many ways for
the happiness of others, not only for ourselves.

a prayer for children - lama zopa rinpoche
Rinpoche dictated this prayer in response to a request for a prayer for children to recite at an inter-religious event in Colombia. Posted online with additional commentary, May 2013.