O Infinite God, of life, goodness, and generous
love, I dedicate my heart, my life, to you.
Help me to cherish all human life,
and do the good you want me to do.
Make me a loving example of your generous love,
and a blessing to everyone I see.
May your goodness be fully in us, and in all that we
think, and say and do.


O God, may I find and praise your goodness
dwelling within every human being.
May I be a living sign of your generous love,
and help everyone to live more intimately with you.
May we respect the evolving nature of all creation,
and grow to our fullness of life with you.
Guide our search into our entire human nature, and
into all creation, to know what you want us to do.


O God, Mary and Joseph cooperated with you
in the childhood training of Jesus.
May we cooperate with you when we help our friends,
our, enemies, criminals, and everyone in need.
Help us do what we cannot do now.
May we cooperate with you for genuine justice and
peace in all that we think and say and do.
May we with Mary and Joseph follow Jesus, and share
your generous love with all the people of the world.


We praise you, O Infinite God of all life,
all existence, and all goodness.
We thank you for sharing your life, and goodness,
so freely with us and making us one with you.
We are sorry for harm that we have done, neglecting the
needy, and resisting your loving presence.
Forgive us our sins. Help us mend the harm that we have
done. Save us from evil. Lead us to eternal life.

prayers for our world in our times - wpd