Soul of my soul, the eternal Nature of the Universe
Spirit of my spirit, the evolving Dance of Relatedness
And the One embracing All,
I call upon you, within and without,
Into the Healing of Restorative Justice.

Be within and without - that we might 'die' to the rigid walls of separation between us,
Which pain and fear have wrought upon heart and mind,
Like barred cages and rusting chains;
That the seemingly impenetrable shells of Autumn's end -
Be readied to be broken open, and laid open,
To the 'seed' of Justice hidden within.

Be within and without - that we might release the fruits of past experience
To de-compose within the deep rich ground of community;
Warped and twisted though they might be,
They took root in a hope of Justice, however misguided,
And in their flesh, lie the stories of Understanding;
That the dark night of Winter erase false boundaries
And in the nourishing transformation of Forgiveness,
Replenish Hope's fertile soil.

Be within and without - that we might be healed by the rain of tears
- Of wounds grieved, and joy re-dis-covered -
Binding once more into an life-engendering ocean of Promise.
That the seminal tendrils of new light, and the fragile but un-scarred sprout,
Stretch faithfully, from above and below, to touch
And merge firmly in the unimagined greening of Spring's Choices.

Be within and without - that we might ripen - leaf, flower, fruit and future seed -
Roots intertwined, exploring the depths of the fertile ground,
Branches laced against Life's storms, yet breathing deeply of the heavens
- A Summer's garden -
Ploughed by courage, planted in true belief, and weeded through commitment;
That the fruits of our labours nourish the bonds between us,
And the winds of change scatter the seeds of our Faithfulness
Throughout the landscape, beyond our culture's current horizon.
And unto the 7th generation.

Soul of my soul, spirit of my spirit,
Embrace me with strength, compassion, honour and reverence;
Dance through me with beauty, passion, humility and mirth;
That I may lay open the seed within, that I am-
That my life give fertile ground to the roots of Justice
And restore the greening balances of Understanding,
That my choices midwife the laboured sprouting of all those
Who reach beyond the horizons of separation,
And cultivated a community which is true to the Divine within All.
Blessed Be.

2003 - invocation for restorative justice - rhyannan