Don't worry, it's going to be OK.
It's all right little one you're safe and loved.

It's OK to cry, it's OK to be afraid, it's OK to be weak,
it's OK to be vulnerable, it's OK to be human.

It's from all these elements that we grow,
and it's from all these elements that I am born out of you.

I Love You.

You're not alone.
So long as you reach out to others you're never alone.
Ask for my help in loaning you the courage you already have.
It's not that I never give you more than you can handle,
I am not responsible for the consequences of your actions,
only you are.

Stay on the path if you're suffering
by taking the steps you need to take.
Hang on and hang in there, because it's now
that you're growing at light speed,
You're never going backward only forward.

Decay your loneliness, by making full use
of my greatest gift to mankind, which is mankind.
Feel my alleged absence, as proof,
for the paradox that I exist and have always existed.
Let me in by letting me out.

Love fear and all of the other feelings spored
are what create this reality.
These are the cause and effect of compassion and true forgiveness.
Ask for my help in walking through the anguish of forgiveness.
Do everything in your power to learn to forgive
and love those that hurt you,
Not for just them, but for others as well as yourself.
And never give up the hope that some day your ex-suffering
will be able to help the ones who were sick and hurt you,
As well as those who suffered like you.
Learn all this by practising to love everyone.

Always look into yourself first;
your past, your present, your motives,
your feelings, and share the secrets
you find with myself as well as others.
Be gentle and kind to yourself
by being vulnerable, and sharing yourself
with others who are patient, kind and who can only
try to love and accept you as much as I do.
As you get better at this,
take the risks that will enable you to venture out
further and further, so that your true self
may finally be exposed to the real world
I created for you to live in.

Be honest with everyone by never
accepting the blame that is not yours.
Free yourself with the truth, by telling
those stepping on your toes how you feel,
no matter how difficult it may seem at first, or
what it's consequences may be
you'll only get better at it.

If you can learn to love/forgive,
fully listen, understand and accept those around you,
you will eventually begin to learn how to love/forgive,
fully listen, understand and accept yourself.

a personal prayer - kevin morais