For just a Moment,
And the Next,

Do not believe that this world cannot feel the Incredible Gift that you have been given and Hold.

There is no comparison to You.

There will always be another ahead of and just behind us on our Path.

One is beckoning for you to follow in the wake of their Wisdom,
the other is clinging to you for Hope and Guidance.

Are you to be the Student or the Teacher.

We have been granted the pleasure of experiencing both.
As they are meant to be One.

What this world has led us to believe as strengths and weaknesses,
are the tools that have been given to Carve out our
Unique Purpose.

It is time Dear One, to allow the Art of your Life to be Seen and Heard from every angle of the beautiful Sculpture you are Creating.

Consider with Love, that all who are receiving your Gift, are doing so from the

Breath of the Moment

They are stepping Upon.

diane smigielski-schilling - 2013