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As of Fall 2018, the volunteer driven World Prayers Project entered its 20th year of nonprofit public service.

Since the earliest days of the internet, WORLD PRAYERS remains one of the most trusted and popular resources of its kind, serving millions of people throughout almost every corner of the earth. Today our inclusive multifaith prayer compilation is likely the largest and most diverse in the world.

But we are not done! We intend to increase the prayer archive five fold.

Toward that purpose, we are building a new publishing system that will allow religious and academic scholars around the world to collaborate with us on the research and development of the prayer compilation.

If we are to reach our goals, we will need the sustaining support of visitors like yourself.

Though our organization is staffed entirely by volunteers, the financial needs of the project require steady public funding.

So we are asking for your help. Please support WORLD PRAYERS with a donation today.

Charitable gifts of any size are needed and welcomed!

And for those of you who can, please support our work with a monthly or quarterly recurring donation. Those gifts are like manna from heaven!

On behalf of all our visitors, thank you for supporting this humanitarian public service.

Gratefully — Jody Baxter (President of The World Prayers Project)

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Donor List

It is a pleasure to publicly acknowledge our Supporting Donors by name and recognize the importance of their gifts. If any donor prefers to not have their name listed on our site, they can choose to remain anonymous when making their donation.

Nonprofit Status

The World Prayers Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity registered in the State of California, USA under the name PROJECT WORLD PRAYERS. All USA donations are tax deductible.

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The World Prayers Project
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How Donations Are Used

As a volunteer-driven nonprofit, we do not have any paid staff. However, the project does incur ongoing operating expenses for which public support is essential, including:

  • Web hosting fees
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  • Online donation fees (PayPal & Qgiv)
  • Non-profit corporate filings
  • Legal costs
  • Hardware & software
  • Outside professionals (occasionally required)
  • New publishing system (a onetime expense of $20,000)


If you have any questions, please contact us.