Who We Are

Nonprofit Corporation.   The World Prayers Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity registered in the State of California, USA under the name PROJECT WORLD PRAYERS.   Statement of Purpose

Board of Directors.   As host of The World Prayers Project, the Board of Directors will assure that no preference be assumed for one tradition over another and Donate Todaythat the archive will remain balanced in content and fair in presentation. The board will maintain the World Prayers archive in an advertisement-free environment on the Internet, available without cost to the world public.   Our Directors

Advisory Council.   The World Prayers Project shall be guided by a qualified board of advisors made up of leaders, representatives, clergy, clerics, scholars, teachers and students from spiritual and cultural traditions around the world. The members of the Advisory Council provide credibility and assistance in the respectful and appropriate gathering and presentation of prayer content.   Our Advisory

Supporting Donors.   If you would like to help in the ongoing development of this project, please do so by making a tax deductible contribution. Donations from the public are essential to sustaining World Prayers.   Our Donors

Volunteers.   This project is entirely volunteer driven, therefore we are always seeking enthusiastic and talented volunteers to help develop this public resource.   Volunteer Opportunities

It is our feeling that the success of World Prayers will ultimately depend upon those of us who recognize it's potential value and wish it to succeed.