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Expanding Global Reach

Our website visitor traffic has grown over 15% since the previous year. Given the steadily increasing number of annual visitors (including new ones and many returning ones) our clear impression is that World Prayers is continuing to serve a unique and valuable role in the world.

Whether it is students in classrooms around the world, or patients in hospitals, employees in office buildings, military personnel in war zones, incarcerated prisoners, faith communities of any kind, or individuals and families in the midst of difficulties, almost no segment of the world's society is unrepresented among our daily audience.

Given the growth of smart phone technology (including across many poor countries), almost half of all traffic to World Prayers today is now made via mobile devices. With millions of prayers being sent annually from our website to individuals from every free nation in the world (and some who aren't so free) the global reach of World Prayers seems almost beyond comprehension. And I'm happy to report — our growth shows no signs of waning.

Thanks to our volunteers and supporters, World Prayers remains the single most popular prayer resource of its kind in the world.

For Mobile Users

Due to the fast growth of our mobile device audience, we bit off the technical challenge of rebuilding our entire website so that it would perform well on all computer devices of any screen size (ie. smart phones, tablets, laptops, or big screen displays). We successfully completed this important task in the spring of 2013.

Now everyone, no matter where they are or what modern device they are using, has easy access to the World Prayers website.

One to Share (for Social Media Users)

We're happy to offer a special feature we're calling, "One to Share..." for Facebook users. Anyone who Likes our Facebook Page will receive occasional, specially selected prayers from our growing archive in their Facebook News Feed.

This is a great way to read some of our newest prayers (as they are added to the compilation) along with special prayers chosen by our volunteer staff.

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