Dear Friends & Visitors,

My name is Jody Baxter. I am the founder & volunteer president of The World Prayers Project.

First, I'd like to extend my profound gratitude to each of you who have given so generously to our project over the last 24 years. Though it may not seem obvious to you — your support has been instrumental to the development of World Prayers and has helped us extend the reach of its service far around the world.

Although we try our best to avoid pestering our visitors for donations, the growing financial demands of World Prayers requires that we reach out to you from time to time.

So I'm writing today to ask for your help.

Since its launch on December 31, 1999, the World Prayers website remains the single most popular, trusted and academically respected archive of multi-faith prayers on the Internet.

Every day thousands of people of all ages, nations and backgrounds (including K-12 classrooms, universities and hospitals around the world) visit our website. Many come seeking hope and inspiration during a personal crisis while others come to explore the diversity of the human spirit or to learn more about their global neighbors.

The good news is — World Prayers is successfully serving a vital and unique role in the world today. And as our reputation spreads and our archive grows — so too does our positive influence on the lives of many.

Given the extraordinary opportunities before us, we are now focusing our attention on the next phase of development — to increase the size of the prayer compilation fivefold.

To accomplish this, we will need to raise $20,000 to hire a Professional Application Developer to create a custom "web based editing and publishing system" for our organization. Once built, this new system will allow qualified volunteer editors and seminary students around the world the ability to collaborate on the continuing research, collection and development of the World Prayers archive.

In order to achieve these goals — we need your financial support.

I hope you will take a moment with me to imagine what the potential of this nonprofit project might be if given enough public support, and then choose to help World Prayers succeed. I believe with all my heart that together — through the expanding outreach of World Prayers — we can make the world a better place.

Whether it is a recurring annual or monthly donation or a one-time gift, I hope you will join with me to meet the exciting opportunities ahead of us ...


As a registered 501(c)(3) public charity, all USA donations are tax deductible.